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Beyond The Lines (In + Out Records)

The Way We Talk (In + Out Records)

Selected discography by the members of ZZ Quartet

Ratko Zjaca

Ratko Zjaca Nocturnal Mission Quartet

"The Bag is Packed" - Benny Bailey Group

Ratko Zjaca Quartet live jazz festival

"A Day in Manhattan" - Ratko Zjaca, Reggie Workman, Al Foster

"Live" - Reggie Workman and Jim Cobb Sextet

"Shades of Spirit", Fretless Guitar Project - Ratko Zjaca and Stanislav Mitrovic

"Crossing The Border" - Ratko Zjaca, Stan Mitrovic, John Pattituci, Al Foster

"Continental Talk" - Ratko Zjaca, John Patitucci, Steve Gadd, Stan Mitrovic, Randy Brecker

"The Way We Talk" - Ratko Zjaca, Simone Zanchini, Adam Nussbaum, Martin Gjakonovski

"Now and Then" - Ratko Zjaca with Simone Zanchini, Miroslav Vitous, John Patitucci, Reggie Workman, Adam Nussbaum, Steve Gadd, Al Foster and others

"Beyond The Lines" - Ratko Zjaca, Simone Zanchini, Adam Nussbaum, Martin Gjakonovski

"Don't Try This Anywhere" - Simone Zanchini, Ratko Zjaca, John Patitucci, Adam Nussbaum and Stefano Bedetti

"Life on Earth" - Ratko Zjaca with Antonio Sanchez, Stefano Bedetti and Renato Chicco

Simone Zanchini

MY ACCORDION'S CONCEPT (Silta Records, 2012), Simone Zanchini (solo; acoustic and midi accordion, electronics, noises, kazoo)

BETTER ALONE...! (Silta Records, 2008), Simone Zanchini (solo; midi accordion, acoustic accordion, live electronics, laptop)

FUGA PER ART (to Art Van Damme) (Dodici Lune, 2008), SIMONE ZANCHINI Jazz Quintet, Simone Zanchini, Giancarlo Bianchetti, Andrea Dulbecco, Stefano Senni, Massimo Manzi

BE-BOP BUFFET (Wide Sound, 2006), ZANCHINI - MAROCCO DUO, Simone Zanchini, Frank Marocco (accordions)

Milonga del Angel (Stradivarius, 2008), Mario Marzi, Simone Zanchini, Paolo Zannini

La Léuna Zala (2004), D. Piccari, S. Zanchini, G. Perinelli, D. Sillato, A. Alessi, S. Calvano

Live at Ravenna Festival (2001), Ensemble Strumentale Scaligero from LA SCALA, 14 musicisti del Teatro la SCALA

PROGETTI (Barvin, 2002), SIMONE ZANCHINI and friends

Faro, (Wide Sound, 2004), Terre di Mezzo quartetto, S. Zanchini, Emiliano Rodriguez, Roberto Bartoli, Ettore Fioravanti

Tango y Algo Mas (Velut luna, 2003), Mario Marzi, Simone Zanchini, Paolo Zannini

Adam Nussbaum

with John Abercrombie

with Allman Brothers Band

with Jay Azzolina

with Patricia Barber

with Stefan Bauer

with Richie Beirach

with Chuck Bergeron

with Anders Bergcrantz

with Jerry Bergonzi

with Big Band de Lausanne

with Paul Bley

with Bohuslän Big Band w/ Lew Soloff

with Salvatore Bonafede

with Michael Brecker

with George Cables

with Joey Calderazzo

with Gary Campbell

with Richard Cole

with Ted Curson

with Albert Dailey

with Eddie Daniels

with Lars Danielsson

with Michael Davis

with Peter Delano

with Christian Minh Doky

with Niels Lan Doky

with Doky Brothers

with Miles Donahue

with Marc Ducret

with Bill Evans

with Gil Evans

with Dalia Faitelson

with Art Farmer & Slide Hampton

with Riccardo Fassi

with Axel Fischbacher

with Fleischer / Jünemann Quartet

with Hal Galper

with Herb Geller

with Gerardo DiLella Jazz Orchesrta

with Bruce Gertz

with Maurizio Giammarco

with George Gruntz

with Tom Harrell

with Conrad Herwig

with Michael Higgins

with Matt Hilgenberg

with Chris Hunter

with Ove Ingmarsson

with Nucio Intrieri

with Yvan Ischer

with Mak Issacs

with Christian Jacob

with Quinn Johnson

with Ulli Junemann

with Vic Juris

with Chris Kase

with Morgana King

with Niclas Knudsen

with Lee Konitz

with Olga Konkova

with Tony Lakatos

with Andy LaVerne

with Soren Lee

with Jed Levy

with David Liebman

with Rudy Linka

with Joe Locke

with Rick Margitza

with Phil Markowitz Trio

with Giovanni Mazzarino

with Ron McClure

with John McLean

with Jim McNeely

with Kazu Michishita

with Karlheinz Miklin

with James Moody/Hank Jones Quartet

with Tony Monaco

with Tisziji Munoz

with Mark Murphy

with Judy Niemack

with David O'Higgins

with Peter O'Mara

with Chuck Owen

with Chuck Owen & The Jazz Surge

with Jeff Palmer

with Jackie Paris

with Jaco Pastorius

with Jiannis Pavilidis - George Kontrafouris - Adam Nussbaum

with Neils Henning Ørsted Pedersen

with Kim Pensyl

with Joey Pero

with Charles Pillow

with Romano Pratesi Rubber Band

with Jean-François Prins

with Doug Raney

with Mikael Råberg

with Fritz Renold & Bostonian Friends

with Mike Richmond

with Rue De Paris

with Dave Santoro

with Doug Sertl

with Loren Schoenberg

with Joachim Schoenecker

with John Scofield

with Steve Slagle

with Larry Schneider

with Lew Soloff

with Mark Soskin

with Uffe Steen

with Curtis Stigers

with Dave Stryker

with Ed Summerlin

with Steve Swallow

with Swallow/Talmor/Nussbaum

with Tessarolo - Fassi - Dalla Porta - Nussbaum

with 'Toots' Thielemans

with Frank Tiberi

with Hans Ulrik

with Sigurd Ulveseth

with Tom Varner

with Gary Versaces

with Miroslav Vitous

with Dan Wall

with Bobby Watson

with Peter Weniger

with Torben Westergaard

with Jack Wilkins

with Dave Wilson

with Glenn Wilson

with Jens Winther

with Simone Zanchini & Ratko Zjaca

with Various Artists

with Tom Harrell & Joe Lovano

with Loren Schoenberg

with Bostonian Friends: Randy Brecker, Christian Jacob, Fritz Renold, Miroslav Vitous & Aargauer Symphony Orchestra

with Michael Brecker, Bill Evans, Stanley Turrentine & Ernie Watts

with Joey Calderazzo & George Mraz

with Joey Calderazzo, Eliane Elias & John Scofield

Television & Video

John Abercrombie, Franco Ambrosetti, BANN, Patricia Barber, Bob Berg, Jerry Bergonzi, Carla Bley, Michael Brecker, Gary Burton, Ted Curson, Eliane Elias, Kurt Elling, Gil Evans, Søs Fenger, Mordy Ferber, Stan Getz, George Gruntz, Niclas Knudsen, David Liebman, James Moody, David Sanborn, John Scofield, 'Toots' Thielemans & We3

Martin Gjakonovski

Encore, Cam Jazz 2004, Antonio Faraò Trio

Far Out, Cam Jazz 2003, Antonio Faraò Trio

Nightlight (CD, Album), Double Moon Records, 2002

Samba Do Mar (CD, Album), Enja Records, 2003

Samba Tzigane (CD, Album) Enja Records, 2006

Better Times Ahead (CD, Album), Double Moon Records, 2006

At Work (CD, Album), Konnex Records, 2008

Summit Octet (Five Horns & Rhythm Unit) (CD, Album), B92, 2009

Ratko Zjaca, Simone Zanchini - The Way We Talk (CD, Album), In + Out Records, 2010

Duško Gojković & Soul Connection Big Band - Balkan Project (CD, Album), B92, 2010

Poesiealbum (CD, Album), Neuklang, 2011

Wise Guys - Zwei Welten - Instrumentiert (CD, Album), Polydor, 2012